Red-Eye TWIN 手工雙軌木吉他前級






•    Input: high-impedance, 1 million ohms, maximum 1 volt peak-to-peak level.

•    Low-impedance, balanced, XLR output, 600 ohms, will drive long cables to mix-board.

•    A / B Stomp Button selects alternate instrument.

•    Mode Switch allows playing alternate instruments or both instruments

•    Separate Treble controls and Gain controls for each instrument.

•    Boost Stomp Button with Boost Gain control for amplifying solos.

•    Long 9-volt battery life (~100 hours).

•    Automatically uses XLR Phantom Power, when available, instead of the battery.

•    Plugging an instrument in or connecting XLR phantom power turns Red-Eye on.

•     Automatic power check: Pwr Chk Light flashes for 1 second if power is good when preamp is       powered up.  When powered up on the battery (without XLR Phantom Power) the battery gets tested and the flash indicates the battery is in the first ¾ of its life.

•    ¼ inch output and input for accessory loop, suitable for stomp-tuners or effects boxes or for output to on-stage guitar amps or PAs.

•    Small Size: 1.25 x 3.5 x 4.5 inches.  Weight: 18 ounces.